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  1. Mechanical tips for the new bus owner

    By Mark R. Obtinario

    Most of us when we have purchased a bus have little or no clue as to where to start now that we have the bus in our possession.

    Most of us would not have purchased a bus if we didn't have some confidence in our ...

  2. Choosing a Bus

    By Mark R, Obtinario

    The main problem in the bus world is there is no good one size fits all bus. Regardless of which bus you choose it won't do all things well.

    There are basically four different kinds of buses with several variations in each kind.

    The four ...

  3. Choosing a Boat

    When deciding what boat to get; the very first question you need to ask yourself is, where am I going to use it? boat

    From there you evaluate whether or not a type of boat is suitable for the water/weather conditions that it will be exposed to. From there you ...

  4. Towing Tips

    This page is written from the perspective of a former commercial truck driver, experienced with operating various combinations of truck and trailer, tractor/semi & B-train combinations. It is not a definitive list of specific answers, rather a way of approaching towing from a problem solving perspective. Different countries have different ...