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  1. Standard Dimensions

    The following is a list of standard measurements which have proven to work in practice. Anyone designing, modifying, or otherwise renovating their nomadic home, should check this list.

    *Lower figure in height, relates to higher figure in depth, and vice-versa, for seating and couches.

  2. Kitchen/Galley

    mortor The Galley/Kitchen, is in my opinion, the very heart of a nomadic home. It is also a place that more often than not only receives a minimal amount of space. A galley doesn't have to be very fancy to work well, but it does need space. In particular ...

  3. Condensation

    Condensation occurs when warm moisture laden air comes into contact with a colder surface, reducing the relative humidity to the point that it condenses into liquid water.


    There are two approaches to dealing with condensation. One approach is eliminating or reducing the temperature differential between the surface and the surrounding ...

  4. Toilet/Heads

    The Lavatory On floating nomadic homes in particular; an inordinate amount of time and energy is spent on the toilet. Most of that time it is either trying to fix it or thinking of ways to make it so it doesn't need fixing. A lot of motor homes, house ...

  5. Heating

    There is nothing so miserable in a nomadic home, as being cold, tired and well, miserable.

    The principles for keeping a nomadic home warm and cozy are the same as for a bricks and sticks house: Heat source; insulation, ventilation.


    Because my idea of a nomadic home precludes the need ...

  6. Showers/Washing

    Showers are a selling point in many a nomadic home. Unfortunately they all to often degrade the nomadic home, more than they enhance it. There are two main reasons that a shower can degrade a nomadic home. They are either to small to be practical to use and/or they ...