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  1. Perspective on Modern Economics

    A businessman was at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellowfin tuna. The businessman complimented the Mexican on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them ...

  2. Learning the RV Lifestyle

    Quite often when reading comments in blogs I see people saying that they want to learn the RV lifestyle. It seems like such a strange goal, somewhat akin to proclaiming that you want to learn the English lifestyle.

    I think the most successful people, at adapting to living in motorhomes ...

  3. Multimedia Productions & Computers

    Many people who are drawn to a nomadic lifestyle are creative by nature. They like to produce art work of one kind or another. For some it is painting, for others it may be photography, music, writing, or film, or other related things. For many of these things, computers have ...

  4. Mechanical tips for the new bus owner

    By Mark R. Obtinario

    Most of us when we have purchased a bus have little or no clue as to where to start now that we have the bus in our possession.

    Most of us would not have purchased a bus if we didn't have some confidence in our ...

  5. Choosing a Bus

    By Mark R, Obtinario

    The main problem in the bus world is there is no good one size fits all bus. Regardless of which bus you choose it won't do all things well.

    There are basically four different kinds of buses with several variations in each kind.

    The four ...

  6. Choosing a Boat

    When deciding what boat to get; the very first question you need to ask yourself is, where am I going to use it? boat

    From there you evaluate whether or not a type of boat is suitable for the water/weather conditions that it will be exposed to. From there you ...

  7. Standard Dimensions

    The following is a list of standard measurements which have proven to work in practice. Anyone designing, modifying, or otherwise renovating their nomadic home, should check this list.

    *Lower figure in height, relates to higher figure in depth, and vice-versa, for seating and couches.

  8. Kitchen/Galley

    mortor The Galley/Kitchen, is in my opinion, the very heart of a nomadic home. It is also a place that more often than not only receives a minimal amount of space. A galley doesn't have to be very fancy to work well, but it does need space. In particular ...

  9. Condensation

    Condensation occurs when warm moisture laden air comes into contact with a colder surface, reducing the relative humidity to the point that it condenses into liquid water.


    There are two approaches to dealing with condensation. One approach is eliminating or reducing the temperature differential between the surface and the surrounding ...

  10. Toilet/Heads

    The Lavatory On floating nomadic homes in particular; an inordinate amount of time and energy is spent on the toilet. Most of that time it is either trying to fix it or thinking of ways to make it so it doesn't need fixing. A lot of motor homes, house ...

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