These areas are not open to compromise!

The average nomadic home is a small space. To fit everything into a nomadic home, that most people think they need, you would need to compromise the amount of room for each specific area. There are some areas that I believe, are not open to compromise. I think, therefore, that those areas should be planned first. If there isn’t enough room left after this small list I have is finished, you are better off not trying to get the other stuff into your nomadic home. My list of priorities in order are;

1: Bed

2: Galley/Kitchen

3: Heater (in cold climate areas)

4: Storage

If you managed that, you can live in relative comfort. If you still have room after those things are in, I would then continue with;

5: Seating

6: Dining Table

7: Shower

8: Toilet

If you managed to fit all of that in, without compromising on the size of any of it, congratulations. You now have a nomadic home that can be more comfortable than most peoples houses.