Types of mobile accomodation

What are some of the merits of some different types of nomadic home? I think it is worth considering traditional types, that were, and in some cases, are still being used by traditional nomadic cultures. In many cases, contemporary westerners will be wanting a much more modern approach. But given the limitations imposed by most production setups, which if viewed honestly, are mostly designed for short holidays, rather than permanent living accommodations, could be improved by incorporating ideas from the more traditional nomadic lifestyles. So, in no particular order. Bus, truck, RV: Can be self contained, allowing for full independence on the road. Caravan: Can be moved with a car, which means only one vehicle may be required if the home is to be left during the day. Home doesn’t need to be replaced in it’s entirety, when vehicle comes to the end of it’s economic life. Yacht: Can travel anywhere in the world, that has a coast or harbour and is self contained. Tent: For the super mobile, low cost solution. Good accompaniment when primary transportation is a bicycle.

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